Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have a driveway installed any time in the year

A: Yes, as long as there are dry conditions

Q: How much deposit do I need to pay?

A: You do not need to pay a deposit, full payment is made on completion when you are 100% satisfied with the job

Q: Will you do the work or some other company?

A: We are a family run business, we have our own machinery and tools and do not need to call in any subcontractors

Q: Is your company insured?

A: Yes we are fully insured and offer quality guarantees on all of our work

Q: How long will a typical driveway take to install?

A: Every driveway is different and is dependent on size and shape but normally we would estimate between 5 and 7 days

Q: What guarantee will I have on my new driveway?

A: Each driveway comes with a full guarantee, our team will discuss with you the length of time of the guarantees depending on material used

Q: Does it affect the cost of my driveway if I choose different materials or colours?

A: Of course, some driveways are more cost effective than others, every driveway is different and will be priced on size and materials used